Monday, September 14, 2015

House Keeping

Well here goes nothing...

It has been a while since I last logged in and actually posted something here, but the wait is over. The end of last year left me rather unmotivated to say the least. Anyway, my goal for this season is to go to and cover as many games as I can. Of course this was always the goal all along, but a few things have changed.

For one, I'm now actually in college. No, not at BU, but a few streets over at Suffolk. I hope to make the hockey team here and if I do that, it will restrict the amount of Terrier games I can get to, but I'l try to make it work.

- I'm working on a new header for the blog. The current one  has three players who are no longer on the team and the banners need updating. That is probably my last in my order if concern, though.

- I was going to try and make a season intro video, but my laptop ran out of storage so that is on hold for the foreseeable future

- I will try and get a preview and recap of each game, along with some sort of mid-week article that goes a little deeper into the prior weekend's games.

-Finally, there will be a Hockey East/BU season preview (probably one article) before the Acadia game in early October.