Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What If?

What if BU were to play a through-back game at the old Walter Brown Arena? Why not, I mean North Carolina played a game at their old basketball arena last season. So why not BU?

I was thinking it should be against BC, but then the attendance would be lower (then if it was in Agganis), but the building would be rocking. Every seat would be filled and it would be a very cool experience for everyone involved, players, coaches fans,ext.

Then I also thought that maybe they should play the game near the holiday break. Why? Because take last year's game against RPI and the game from '09 against St. Lawrence for example. Both games had very low attendance (for Agganis). The St. Lawrence game saw a crowd of 4322 and the RPI game had 4814. Walter Brown holds a little over 3800 fans. So, yes, there would be less people in attendance, but it would seem like there were ten times as many fans than actually were there. It would be much louder then if they played the same game in Agganis.

Just to add some character to the event, why not have both teams wear their old time uniforms, and the band could sport the old red and white strip rugby shirts.

This event is unlikely to happen this because the schedule is already out but, maybe, just maybe, in the upcoming years we could see the Terriers back in action at Walter Brown Arena.

Right now, WBA is home to Woman's Terrier hockey team, which last season won their first Hockey East title after beating Uconn in overtime. This fall, they will raise the first banner to the roof of Walter Brown since the men's team raised the 1997 Hockey East banner to the rafters some 13 years ago.

The men's team also uses Walter Brown as a practice facility when there are other events happing at Agganis.

Friday, July 23, 2010

If I was king of college hockey

I got this idea from  Brain Sullivan's "If I ran the world" blog post on USCHO. The article was about all he things that he would change about the game, mainly conferences. So here is what I would change.

The skating 16
The 16 teams that make the NCAA tournament. I think  that 16 is a good number of teams but its where and how many games each of the 16 teams play is what I have a problem with.. As the NCAA tournament sits as of right now (and at lest until 2012) is a single elimination format. What should happen is the tournament would be spared out of the course of 3 weekends (instead of the current 2 weekends). The first weekend  would see the top 8 teams play a best of 3 series with the lower seeded 8 teams, at home. The following weekend the remaining 8 teams would be re-seeded and the top 4 teams would play the lower 4 teams, again on the higher seeded teams campus cite for a 3 game series. After that the final four teams left standing would pack their bags and head to the Frozen Four and play single elimination to find a true National Champion. 

This would also help TV ratings. More games = More money. Its quick cash for the NCAA, something they would take any day of the week.

This format is nothing new. Back in the late 08's and early 90's this is the format that the NCAA used.  

Rink Size
Every team should have to have the same size rink. The NHL standard in 200x90. So why should some schools like UNH have an Olympic size sheet and a school like Umass Lowell or Providence have a rink that looks the same size as some in people's back yards. In other words why should some arenas have a huge sheet and other places have a tiny sheet. Meet in the middle and go with what the pros have. So sorry Minnesota and all the other CCHA and WCHA teams that think you will host the Olympic games, keep dreaming because I don't think the Olympic comity is going to grant you the Games. The only team that should be aloud to have the big rink is Colorado College. Why? Because they play at World Arena, home to the USA Olympic center and USA Hockey.

So let me hear your comments and see what you would say and what you would do if you were the king of college hockey. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up on the last week

The Terriers got another "yes" from a top '94 who will be at BU in 2013. Adam Erne, will be attending the US U15 camp in the upcoming weeks. 

Alex Chaisson sat down with the Stars and talked about his time he gas spent and will spend with BU. 

"It went pretty well, it was a good learning experience for myself," Chiasson said of 2009-10, in which he registered seven goals and 19 points in 35 games for BU. "As a freshman, there's other guys there that are older that I got to learn from, other guys such as (Anaheim prospect Nick Bonino) and (Colorado first-round pick Kevin Shattenkirk), who will probably be playing in the NHL next year or in the future.  It was a great year and I'm just looking forward to next year - a bigger role, more ice time."- Stars.com

The story also stated that Chaisson is the 5th best prospect in the Star's  organization.

Former Terrier Collin Wilson also sat down with his NHL team in Nashville. After the Pred's traded top forward Jason Arnott to the Devils, Wilson will be asked to step up his game.  

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BU, Islanders want big season from Trivino

The New York Islanders took young, Corey Trivino (photo) in the second round of the 2008, 36th overall. In his first season, Corey played well as BU's third line center on the the 2009 National Championship team

Last season was a different story. He had a less that par start to the 2010 campaign. Scoring only four goals in 28 games. Then in February, playing in the second game of a series with Maine, Trivino broke his fibula after crashing in to to boards. After this BU took a huge blow and never fully recovered. They would lose a month later to Maine in the Hockey East Semi finals, ending their season. 

    "We had a bad start, but things started to roll in the second semester," Trivino told NHL.com at the Islanders' development camp at the Nassau Coliseum. "We had a good winning streakgoing, good chemistry going. Unfortunately, I got injured and it kind of messed up the lines."-NHL.com

"I've been trying to work hard in the gym, especially (after) I got injured," he said. "I had a lot of free time and I didn't want to put it to waste. I was in the gym a lot, trying to get stronger in my upper body. I knew that once I got healed, I had to put the weight back on my legs."-NHL.com

So he says, Corey missed a mandatory bike ride at the end of the season. Corey and 15 other players were forced to take part in bike rides, following a drinking insistent before the Hockey East Semi Final. For missing the work out, Corey will miss the first 2 or 3 games of the upcoming season. 

"It's an important year for him at college this year, to be able to be a go-to guy for their team," Gordon said. "He's shown that he has all the abilities; now he's just got to put them together and play a complete game." NHL.com

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yip Sings TwoYear Deal With Colorado

Former BU standout and 2006 and 2009 Hockey East Championship game winning goal scorer, Brandon Yip singed a two year deal with the Colorado Avalanche. The deal was worth $1.45Million. Last season, Yip scored 11 goals and 8 assists in only 32 games.

Colorado also singed David Van der Gulik, co captain to the the 2006 team. Vandy will not likely see time with the Ave's but will play in Lake Eire with  David Quinn. Other Terrier connection Vandy will see in the AHL are: Kevin Shattenkirk, Zach Cohen and Colby Cohen.

NCAA takes short handed icing off proposed rule  changes
“The committee appreciates the membership feedback and values the opinions of coaches and administrators,” Forrest Karr, outgoing chair of the committee and athletic director at Alaska, said in a statement. “Responses indicate that while several coaches like the concept, there are concerns about the potential for unintended consequences.”- USCHO

BU gets verbal commitment from top '95 prospect
Anthony DeAngelo  plays for the Winchester Express and is their top defenseman. Last season he played in the U14 division and took the teem all the way to nationals. He will not be on compass until 2014.