Monday, August 15, 2011

What's in a Name?

Just this past weekend, one of the best, if not the best, nicknames in college hockey was forced to be retired. That is, of course North Dakota's Fighting Sioux name.

The college's nickname comes from the Native American Sioux tribe of the northern Midwest. The name was deemed "hostile and abusive" towards the tribe and the University will be forced to changed their nickname for the upcoming athletic season. This controversy has been going on for God knows how long between the NCAA and the University. The tipping point was a lawsuit by several Native American students who were members of the Sioux tribe.

That all leads me to the main question:

What's in a name?

There are some college nicknames that make a ton of sense i.e BU. The Boston Terrier is the perfect nickname for a Boston school, unless of course you're a dog. Then you may think that it is abusive, I don't know. The other one that comes to mind that just really fits is the Denver University Pioneers. The early settlers of The West called Denver home, as well as many gold miners.

One other nickname that really fit the school and their location was UND and The Fighting Sioux. The University is stationed about and hours drive from the Native American reserve. The name just fit the school and the location like no other name ever will. I will always know UND as the Sioux. I will miss watching the third period of the Sioux games on TV after coming home from the BU games. It's not that the games won't be on TV any more (in fact there will be more college hockey on than ever) but I will miss seeing the Sioux logo on the front of UND's shiny green jerseys.

Should the Other UND Have to Change Their Logo. Too?
Yes, I'm talking about the all mighty University of Notre Dame and how dare someone say they have to change their classic Fighting Irish name? Well, I see it the same way. If North Dakota has to change the Sioux name and logo, Notre Dame should have to do the same.

Whats the New Name Going To Be?
There is no official name the UND will adopt yet but I've heard possibly the Fighting Prairie Dogs. I just hope they don't change it to what Natick High School did, the Natick Red and Blue. They were the Red Men, I guess that falls under the "hostile and abusive" category.

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