Friday, April 6, 2012

The Best Team Never Had A Chance

Corey Trivino makes a play on a puck
in the neutral zone at BC in early
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
Prior to losing Corey Trivino and Charlie Coyle in the span of less than a week, BU had what I (an several others) considered the best team Nation. 

BU had just gone up to Orono and smoked Maine 5-1 in their own building. As the team headed into the holiday break, BU was riding high, winning seven out eight games against some of the top programs in the country. No one new that, that Maine game would be the high point of the year.

Just days after the game in Orono, Trivino was arrested for sexual assault and breaking and entering. Although the court dropped the sexual assault charges a few weeks ago, Trivino was kicked off the team. Just days later, Coyle abandoned the team and headed to the St. John Seadogs of the QMJHL. BU lost (at the time) 33% of its offense in less than a week.

Fast-forward to last night (4/5/12). Boston College waxed Minnesota in the National Semi Finals at the Frozen Four. With Coyle and Trivino, BU beat BC at BC twice. The Terriers out scored the Eagles 10-3 in two games at Conte Forum. Yes, BC did pick up a 6-1 win at Agganis in early December with both of them still on the roster.  Later in the year, BU took BC two basically double overtime (BC won with 6.4 seconds left in the first OT) in the Beanpot final... without Coyle or Trivino. 

The point I'm trying to make is that BU played BC a hell of a lot tougher than any team the Eagles have faced in their post season run thus far. That run will more than likely result in them beating Ferris State in the National Championship game, tomorrow night. 

During the month of January, (again, without Coyle and Trivino) the Terriers were ranked number one in the country. So, if a team without arguably it's two best forwards is ranked #1 in the Nation, how good could have this team been? We just don't know, they never had the chance to prove it.

BU still made the NCAA's for the first time in two seasons, but the question still comes up, What If? What if we had all of our guys? How far could we have gone? I tell you, I think I'd be reporting from Tampa right now if Charlie Coyle, Corey Trivino and Max Nicastro are all still on the roster.

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  1. UMass won the series against BC 2-1. Shut them out 4-0.
    Played them 2-1 and 3-2 in the quarters. Screwed out of game 2 win by refs.
    BU played BC tougher than anyone?
    I disagree