Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clendening Signs With Chicago

Adam Clendening in a game at
Lowell last year.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)

Today, Sophomore defenseman Adam Clendening decided to forgo his remaining two season's of eligibility at BU and sign with the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL.

After the World Junior Hockey Championships in late December, Clendening really picked up his game, not as much on the stat sheet, but with his overall play. He really took it upon himself to pick up the BU team following the departures of Corey Trivino and Charlie Coyle.

After Coyle's left in mid December, there was much talk about Clendening bolting to the OHL, but those rumors were put to sleep after Adam stated he would be back for BU's next game, a home game against Merrimack. True to his word, he was on the ice in Scarlet and White that night, and even picked up an assist in the Terrier’s 4-2 win.

In 77 games played at BU, Clendening posted 9 goals, 50 assists for a total of 59 points. Personally, I think he will be in the AHL next season, but who knows? Maybe the 'Hawks will call him up, either way, best of luck Adam, its been fun watching you run the point the last few years. 

*More to come on who may replace (or fill his spot would be a better term) in the coming days. 


  1. Agreed. Way overhyped. I don't care how much people want to push his "greatness ". Truth is the entire body of work, he was more sizzle than steak.

  2. .. thanks for sharing.