Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Trivino Saga Continues

Corey Trivino makes a play on a lose
puck in last year's season opener.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
Today, former Terrier Corey Trivino pled guilty to two counts of assault and battery and another count of trespassing. Trivino was originally charged with assault with intent to rape, three counts of indecent assault and battery, and two counts of breaking an entering back on December 11th 2011.

"The two counts of assault and battery he was charged with were reduced from indecent assault and battery and the trespassing charge was reduced from breaking and entering."- from The Daily Free Press

Today he was sentenced to two years of alcohol free probation... to attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings... to submit random urine samples... to have no contact with the victim... and to undergo psychiatric evaluations.

Trivino also has reportedly signed with the New York Islanders, who drafted him back in the 2008 NHL entry draft.

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