Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oksanen To "Sit Out" Two Games For NCAA Violations

Ahti Oksanen had two assists in BU's
exhibition game last Sunday
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
Today, it was announced that Freshman defenseman Ahti Oksanen will have to "sit out" the first two games of the season for an NCAA violation. The ludicrous violation Oksanen committed was that he played with a professional player for two games while a member of the Espoo Blues in Finland. Per NCAA rule, Oksanen has to "sit out" (let just go ahead and call it a suspension) the number of games he played along side a professional. That was two games. Let me remind you that Oksanen was not paid a dime here. It was his teammate. This is one of the worst rules I have ever heard.

... Oh, but wait, I found a more absurd one: Last season, Northeastern Freshman Ludwig Karlsson was suspended two games for playing AGAINST a player being paid.

Honestly. What is the NCAA trying to accomplish by suspending these guys? All this really proves to me is the NCAA cares more about informing their ridiculous rules rather than putting a good product on the ice.

It reminds me of some of the unbelievably dumb rules in golf and how the PGA goes out of their way to enforce them, rather than just have the players play their round of golf. Come on. Do they really have to sign their scorecards anymore? Anyone who watched the match on TV knows what they shot.

I'll stop ranting here, but seriously, why does the NCAA care about this? It's not like they can make any money off Oksanen by suspending him. Anyone who knows anything about the NCAA knows that  the NCAA is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

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