Sunday, April 21, 2013

Notes From The Banquet

Last night was the 50th annual Friends of BU Hockey Banquet and for the first time I was actually in attendance. Overall I thought it was a really cool experience and something I regret not going to in the past. Anyway, on to the awards.

Clifford P. Fitzgerald Scholarship: Presented to the outstanding junior or senior defenseman.
     - Garrett Noonan

Regina Eilberg Scholarship: Awarded to the player who combines the highest standards of  Terrier athletics and academic performance.
     - Matt O'Connor

Ed Carpenter Award: Given to the team's leading scorer.
     - Danny O'Regan

Bettett Mcinnis Award For Spirit: Given to the player who best typifies the spirit of a Boston University hockey player on and off the ice.
     - Ryan Santana

Mike Boyle Terrier of Steel Award: Awarded to the player who most exemplifies character, strength, dedication and discipline in the weight room and off-ice training.
     - Ryan Ruikka

Most Improved Player: Awarded to the player who has most improved from October to April or the player who has improved the most from last year to this year. 
     - Casson Hohmann and Jake Moscatel

The Friends Albert Sidd Unsung Hero Award: Awarded to the player who contributes much during his four years and does not garner the proper recognition.
     - Evan Rodrigues

George V. Brown Most Valuable Player Award: Awarded to the player who would be missed the most if he was not in the lineup. It goes to the most valuable player, not necessarily the most outstanding player.  
     - Wade Megan
*All award descriptions are straight out of the evenings program.

It was not the awards or even that the team did NOT name next year's captain that caught everyone's attention. No. What did that is when Master of Ceremonies Bernie Corbett and Athletic Director Mike Lynch announced that BU will be retiring the Number Six in honor of Jack Parker. Of course, Parker wore six back in his playing days at BU.

The number will be raised to the rafters right next to Travis Roy's Number 24 banner. Parker said he was "honored"to be next to Roy in the rafters.

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