Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2017 Home Schedule Announced

Earlier today, BU announced the home component of their 2017 schedule. It is as follows:

Sat 10/1 Prince Edward Island (exhibition)
Thus 10/6 USA U18 (exhibition)
Fri 10/21 Sacred Hart
Sat 10/22 Quinnipiac

Sat 11/5 Northeastern 
Sat 11/19 UConn
Tues 11/22 Harvard

Fri 12/2 Providence
Tues 12/13 Yale

Thurs 1/5 Union
Fri 1/13 Boston College
Fri 1/20 Maine
Fri 1/27 Merrimack
Sat 1/28 Lowell

Fri 2/3 UMass
Fri 2/17 New Hampshire
Fri 2/24 Notre Dame
Sat 2/25 Notre Dame

It is interesting to see so many non-weekend games in the first half of the year. I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing, but the building will be a morgue for most of them. Also, why is BU playing Sacred Hart?

This does nothing of for the team. If they beat them, great. It does nothing PWR wise. If they lose, it has the potential to kill their PairWise. There is no benefit from playing them. The way it is set up, it could be a real trap game with Quinnipiac coming in the next night.

If you want to play an AHA team fine. Play a good one. Why not bring RIT into Agganis? 

Other than that, I like the schedule. There may not be a high profile team like  Michigan/North Dakota on their, but  QU, Yale, Harvard are all solid goon conference games and should do well at the gate. Ok, maybe the Yale game in the middle of the week when winter break starts will be an empty barn, but other than that the place should be mostly full. 

The BC series once again seems to be in the middle of winter break. This is stupid for the obvious reason that no students will be there, but it also sets up an almost inevitable conflict with a Patriots playoff game, much like last year. 

The league should want to spotlight this series, not bury it over holiday break and NFL Playoffs. 

The scheduled is slowly coming together. It can only mean hockey season is slowly coming up on the horizon.

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