Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Lookback: Defense Comes Up Strong

This past weekend, BU posted back to back shutouts for the first time since March 2013. While Jake Oettinger was perfect in net, Coach Quinn gave most of the praise to his team’s defense.
Jordan Greenway was named Hockey East Player of the
Week. He posted 5 points, 2 goals and 3 assists in the
two games this past weekend, Jake Oettinger was also
named Hockey East Rockey of the Week.
(Photo by Matt Dresens) 
I would not disagree with him. While I saw very little of the Sacred Heart game, Oettinger was only really tested once in the Quinnipiac game. It was a bang-bang place off a centering feed from the corner. Oettinger was well positioned and got a piece of the shot with his glove. It was easily his best stop of the night.
The BU defense was stingy, to say the least. A week ago in Denver, they allowed only 12 more shots, but the difference was where those shots were coming from. The Terriers made Quinnipiac take long range shots and blocked out the front of the net, allowing Oettinger to easily see the puck.

BU also blocked a season high 26 shots on Saturday night. So, even when QU was able to get shots off, not only were they from a long range out, but most of the time they never even got through to Oettinger.

“We have really come a long way in three weeks defensively. We have done a nice job protecting the net front. Jake [Oettinger] played really well tonight [Saturday], but for a team that had to kill twelve penalties, he didn’t have to make a lot of great saves. Boy, did we do a good job in front of him,” added Coach Quinn.
Yeah, about those penalties… It was once again a penalty-filled weekend. I’ll skip past the penalties on Friday night because I wasn’t there, but from what I have heard/read there were a lot of little scrums.
Saturday was an awfully chippy game, something that is probably expected between two top ranked teams, but only to a certain point. There was a scrum in the first period that went to video review for a solid 10 minutes to sort out who exactly did what. Also, this notion of “taking back to the rulebook” as USCHO put it is going to take some time to sort itself out.

“I know what the mandate is, but I think the referees and the players all are continuing to figure out what a penalty is. Nobody wants to see that [in reference to 19 power plays between the two teams]. The game was ruined. I’m not blaming the officials, the players need to adapt to the system and standard, but also the referees do too. It’s going to take little bit of time and all we can do is work on what we can control and not take dumb penalties,” said Quinn following the Quinnipiac game.

All of that is well and good, but I’m just waiting for the third period of the Beanpot Final (for example, insert any big game here) where basically the only penalty called is murder. If the referees are consistent, that’s all you can ask for. Just don’t have a “mandate and a standard” for the regular season and bury the whistles when the games start to mean a whole lot more.

At The Polls
BU slid up four slots in the USCHO rankings from 8th to 4th. North Dakota was, for the second week in a row, unanimously atop the rankings. They received all 50 first place votes. Minnesota Duluth was second, Denver third and Lowell closed out the top five. Hockey East had a total of six teams in the top 20.

Hockey East Scoreboard

UConn 2, at Quinnipiac 5

Colorado College 1, at Boston College 4
Arizona State 2, at Northeastern 5
Army 2, at UMass 3
Clarkson 3, at Providence 3
American International 2, at UConn 2
St. Lawrence 2, at Lowell 5
Colgate 3, at Merrimack 4
Maine 3, at Miami 3
Penn State 3, at Notre Dame 3
Vermont 4, at Nebraska-Omaha 4
Sacred Heart 0, at BU 7.

Arizona State 1, at Northeastern 6
Clarkson 4, at Lowell 3
Colorado College 4, at New Hampshire 3
Boston College 6, at Holy Cross 1
Colgate 2, at Merrimack 5
Maine 0, at Miami 5
Penn State 3, at Notre Dame 2 (OT)
St. Lawrence, 3 at Providence 6
Vermont 5, at Nebraska-Omaha 2
Quinnipiac 0, at BU 3

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