Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Housekeeping, Format Changes

Annnnd we’re back.

Football has returned, baseball is narrowing into the October pennant push and that means hockey is slowly coming into focus. In fact, hockey returns a bit quicker than usual this year, as BU hosts Union in a rare September, nonexhibition tilt, in just over two weeks.

This year’s coverage is going to look a little different than in years past. The big shift will be the reduction of game recap articles with the addition of a more in-depth midweek piece that looks back at the games of the prior weekend.

The thinking behind this is two-fold. One, I figure most people who follow the site already know what happened in the game and I will continue to do twitter updates throughout the course of play. Reason two is that I will not be at every game due to my own hockey schedule (woo, go club hockey!).

For big games, i.e. Beanpot, Playoffs, BC games, I will have something postgame. In the place of the recaps, I will be posting more pictures than in prior years, although there is a twist to that, too.

At the end of last year, I joined the student radio and will hopefully be on some of the radio calls this year. Obviously, for games that I’m on the radio, I will not be taking photos.

I still plan on having previews for all games, those will not change.

In the next week or so I will have a season preview out. I’m also currently working on a new header for the blog to go along with the semi reconstructed content format.

The countdown is on for the Union game. September 30th is right around the corner.

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