Monday, October 26, 2009

Pereira, BU, Wraparound Michigan

 Cohens lead the way
Late in the first period the Terriers grabbed the lead on the power play. The goal was scored by Zach Cohen his first of the year, on a bad play by Michigan goalie Ben Hogan. Hogan tried to bank the puck of the glass to get the puck out of the zone. The puck took an odd bounce, on to Cohen's stick and bang 1-0 Terriers. that is the first time the terriers have had a led this regular season.
“He played the one puck off the glass, which a goalie should never play. If the puck’s coming around the board you might play it, but not the glass. He played the first one off the glass, it took a bad bounce, and bang, it’s in our net.” Red Berenson Michigan head coach
 The Terriers doubled their lead at 12:59 of the second period on a Bomb By Terrier D-man Colby Cohen (no relation to Zach Cohen the other Terrier goal scorer). Cohen was able to take the puck up the middle and in to the slot area and beat Hogan high glove side before he new what had just happened.

Things get chipy and here comes Michigan 
Early in the third frame the Terriers Eric Gryba got called for a five minute major for a hit from behind. Just 59 seconds latter the same call was given to Michigan's Chris Brown. Still even though it was 4 on 4 Michigan seemed to be gaining momentum. Millan, the Terrier goalie had ben playing great up in till the 10 minute mark when there was a pile-up in front of the Terrier's net and the puck drifted by Millan's glove and in of the back of the net.
“It was a little mistake on my part, I anticipated a rebound, and it ended up getting stuck underneath my pad. While I was rotating to make the next save, it popped up and went toward the net.”- said by Millan after the goal was scored 
Less than four minutes latter Michigan tied it when Matt Rust raced in on Millan and went to his back hand and roofed it top shelf over Millan's blocker.

Heres Joey 

At the end of a typical Joe Pereira shift, digging pucks out of the conner, starting a brake out, scrapping around the net, the puck was dumped in to the Michigan zone by Bu Freshman Ryan Santana. Pereira, being the type of player he is when and  re-gained the puck in the fare conner. Michigan goalie Ben Hogan went behind his net to try to play it to his team mate. Joey lifted Hogan's stick up and raped the puck in to the vacant Michigan. Final score Boston University 3, The University of Michigan 2.

“It was actually the end of our shift, Ryan Santana had the puck, and he saw me shooting down. He dumped it in the far corner, and the goalie went out to play the puck. I jumped, and the puck was right there. Once I got control of the puck, I knew that if I took it to the net as fast as I could it would be a good chance. I just stuffed it hard.”Joe Pereira comments on his game wining goal.
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