Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NCAA could change some rules

The NCAA rules committee meets every two years to update, tweak and make new rules for hockey. Icing, delay of game and overtime are the main topics of this years meeting.

The committee will look to have the refs actually enforce the delay of game penalty like the NHL does. For icing, it looks like there will be touch up next season, again like in the NHL.

Overtime gets  more in depth.
Here are some of the possible scenarios
The current format (five-on-five for five minutes): five-on-five for 10 minutes; four-on-four for five minutes; four-on-four for 10 minutes; five-on-five for five minutes, then four-on-four for five minutes; five-on-five for five minutes, then a shootout; and four-on-four for five minutes, then a shootout. The last is the method used by the NHL. -USCHO

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