Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What If?

What if BU were to play a through-back game at the old Walter Brown Arena? Why not, I mean North Carolina played a game at their old basketball arena last season. So why not BU?

I was thinking it should be against BC, but then the attendance would be lower (then if it was in Agganis), but the building would be rocking. Every seat would be filled and it would be a very cool experience for everyone involved, players, coaches fans,ext.

Then I also thought that maybe they should play the game near the holiday break. Why? Because take last year's game against RPI and the game from '09 against St. Lawrence for example. Both games had very low attendance (for Agganis). The St. Lawrence game saw a crowd of 4322 and the RPI game had 4814. Walter Brown holds a little over 3800 fans. So, yes, there would be less people in attendance, but it would seem like there were ten times as many fans than actually were there. It would be much louder then if they played the same game in Agganis.

Just to add some character to the event, why not have both teams wear their old time uniforms, and the band could sport the old red and white strip rugby shirts.

This event is unlikely to happen this because the schedule is already out but, maybe, just maybe, in the upcoming years we could see the Terriers back in action at Walter Brown Arena.

Right now, WBA is home to Woman's Terrier hockey team, which last season won their first Hockey East title after beating Uconn in overtime. This fall, they will raise the first banner to the roof of Walter Brown since the men's team raised the 1997 Hockey East banner to the rafters some 13 years ago.

The men's team also uses Walter Brown as a practice facility when there are other events happing at Agganis.

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