Monday, December 21, 2015

Roberto Suspended

Nick Roberto has 11 goals and 19
assists in 74 games played with BU,
in two season.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
Today, forward Nick Roberto was suspended for the remainder of the year for his involvement in a possible gambling situation. Roberto was originally suspended at the start of the year for a "team rules violation."

College Hockey News first broke the story this afternoon amid some pretty obscure rumors. They included, "BU threw the National Championship Game" as well as a point shaving scheme were tossed around on Twitter (be careful what you read, people), this afternoon prior to the CHN report.

The report also stated that "Roberto was not the only BU player involved, though those players are no longer with the hockey program. The identity of those players could not be confirmed. Other sources have indicated that players from other teams were involved, too"

"According to NCAA by-laws, a player who is found gambling on any sporting event, amateur or pro in any sport, via a “bookie” or the Internet, faces a minimum one-year suspension."

Boston University also released a statement this afternoon:

"Beyond confirming that Mr. Roberto will not play for the Boston University hockey team this season, federal privacy laws prevent us from discussing his status owever can say that several months ago, we heard rumors that a BU hockey player had engaged in gambling. Although the rumors did not involve gambling on either college or professional hockey games, we nonetheless immediately conducted a thorough investigation and turned the results over to the appropriate authorities at the NCAA. Based on that investigation, the NCAA made its own findings and took remedial action, and we would refer you to that organization for further information.”

Furthermore, BU Athletic Director added "the investigation that took place was focused on Roberto. Any involvement of any other former players is speculation at this point."

Just speculating here, but AJ Greer, who departed the team earlier this week was one player who was mentioned to be involved. This would clear up a lot of mystery as to why he left for the QMJHL on Thursday. Again, just speculating here.

I have heard rumors about others and their involvement the gambling issue. In the interest of not spreading any more rumors than have already been spread today, I don't really want to name names and I will leave it at that.

No one really knows exactly what was bet on, but sources indicate that it was not college hockey games, nor was it games involving Roberto.

More on this later when we all know more about the incident. I'm not trying to spread the fire here.

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