Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laughing at Yale Who Play At The Whale

No, this has not become a poetry blog and no, this has nothing to do with BU, but I thought I would draw up something for you all to read on an otherwise news-less Tuesday.

Tonight, overrated number 9 Yale lost to arguably the worst team in college hockey, Sacred Heart. The Bulldogs fell 7-6 on the road, despite out shooting the sisters of the poor 53-19. Not that I really should be laughing to hard because BU did lose to Holy Cross who is equally as abysmal, but who cares. Oh, did I mention it was Sacred Heart's first win of the year? They are now 1-11-0 on the year.

Craziness at Harvard
UNH was up 4-0 on Harvard in the first period. UNH squandered that four goal lead and then a three goal lead and the Crimson ended up winning 7-6 at home. The only reason I report this game is because I was supposed to go, but something came up and I ended up listing to it on Harvard's radio station. 


  1. Not that much of a shock.. UVM did beat Number one Minnestota in Minnesota so that one was not all at shocking to me.