Sunday, December 13, 2009

First half recap

Photos from the first half of the season

Right from the start of the season the Terriers have struggled, failing to score timely goals and play consistent defense. The goaltending is a whole different story in its self. BU at the holiday break is in 9th place in Hockey East. At this point two years go in 2007 the Terriers had the exact same recored as the current Dogs do. After the brake the Terrier turned it up and starting February first Bu only lost three game the rest of the season. All I'm saying is that the season is not totally lost.

One surprise this season has bean Zach Cohen who scored his team leading sixth goal in Friday night's 5-3 lost to RPI. Before the start of last season, Cohen was almost cut from the team. But thanks to then captain Matt Gilroy who convinced head coach jack parker to keep him on the team.

The Games
October 16 @ Umass - Opening night did not fare well for the Terriers as they fell down 2-0 to the minutemen at the end of the first period. BU clawed their way back mostly do to two goals by freshman Alex Chiasson. Umass won the game 3-2 mainly do to stupid plays on the Terrier part.
Umass 3-2

October 20 vs Notre Dame - Game two was  no different as BU was blanked for the first time in 100 games.
Notre Dame 3-0

October 24 vs Michigan - The Terrier win the first game of the season when Michigan goalie Bryan Hogan misplayed the puck behind his net and Joe Pereira stole it and scored on a rap-around.
BU 3-2

October 30 @ Lowell - BU for the first and only time so far this season wins back to back games when Colby Cohen blasts a slapper passed UML goaltender Carter Hutton in overtime.
BU 5-4 (ot)

October 31 vs Lowell - BU suffers its first of for losses in a row when Lowell's Ben Holmstrom scored the game winner on the power play.
Lowell 3-2

November 6 @ Northeastern - The Terriers get shut out for the second time despite out shooting the Husky's 43-20. NU's freshman goalie Chris Rawlings made all 43 saves.
Northeastern 1-0

November 8 @ Maine - Terriers come back from 2-0 and 3-1 but never get the lead and drop 3rd straight .
Maine 3-2

November 14 @ Merrimack - Merrimack scores 5 straight goals to sink Terriers.
Merrimack 6-3

November 15 vs Merrimack - Bu ends for game skid and scores four goals in the first. Grant Rollheiser makes his first start of the  2009-2010 season.
BU 6-4

November 20 @ New Hampshire - UNH drops the Terriers on Bobby Butlers power play goal.
UNH 4-2

November 21 vs New Hampshire - The Terriers play their best game to that point in the season and get a tie.
TIE 3-3

November 24 @ Harvard -  The Terriers win a thriller over Harvard in their second straight overtime game.
BU 6-5 (ot)

November 28 Cornell (Madison Square Garden) - BU and Cornel renew Red Hot Hockey in Madison Square Garden. Terriers come back again and tie the Big Red 
TIE 3-3

December 4 vs Vermont - BU once again comes back and ties vermont.
TIE 3-3

December 5 vs Boston College - BU grabs the lead in the first but then can't hold on as rival BC scores four unanswered goals.
BC 4-1

December 11 vs RPI - Terrier get two short handed goals and still lose to engineers, who scored three unanswered goals.

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