Thursday, December 24, 2009

Something to chew on

On Tuesday the USA Today came out with a list of the Decade's Top Sports Breakouts. On the list was former Terrier stand out and captain of the 2009 national championship team, Matt Gilroy. Gilroy came to BU as a walk on freshman that coach Parker did not even want on the team. Gilroy worked his way up and when he was a junior many people thought that he would not come back and leave to go to the NHL. Luckily he did come back and was awarded the Hobey Backer award (the Heisman Trophy of college hockey).

The USA Today wants people to vote for your favorite. To vote for Gilroy, or any others, for the Biggest Sports Breakout of the Decade CLICK HERE

Here are the other on the list
Tom Brady
Alex Rodriguez
Phil Mickelson
Matt Gilroy
MMA (mixed martial arts)
The BCS (Bowl Championship Series)
Funny Side
THe Boston Red Sox
The Chicago White Sox
The Tampa Bay Rays

Did You Know?
Boston University has never had a game on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

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