Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking forward to Monday

A quick recap of  BU's Beanpot domination

The first ever Beanpot game was played on December 26 1952 and it saw BU take down Northeastern 4-1. The Terriers the next night fell to Harvard in the final, 7-4. Bu would not make the final again till 1957 and they would not win their first title until the next year.

Since BU won in 1958 they have dominated the tournament winning 29 championships including last year, when they beat Northeastern 5-2. Winning 29 out of the total 58 Beanpots, BU has won over half the tournaments ever played. The team with the second most titles is Boston College, with 14.

With the exception of 1994, BU won every Beanpot tournament played in the 1990's. The streak continued until 2001 when they lost to BC 5-3. In the 2000's BU has only failed to reach the final once, 2008. They would fall to BC in the semi's, but this time it was in overtime.

Tomorrow night BU will play Northeastern in semi final number two at 8:00 (if there is no overtime). The first game is BC and Harvard ant it will be played at 5:30.

The Beanpot website and past results

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