Monday, June 14, 2010

A Change Comeing in the Air

On Friday the NCAA proposed some changes to there men's hockey rule book. The most notable was the change to the contact to the head rule. Contact to the head calls will now no longer just be two minute minor penalties, but instead will be five minute major calls or game misconducts. the first contact to the head rule was implemented back in 2003. Another rules that could is iceing. The rule could be changed from aoutomatic icing to a hybrid system.

A hybrid system will be used where officials determine whether icing should be waved off based on which player would reach the puck first, using the faceoff dots as a reference point.If the official determines that the attacking player would reach the puck first, icing is waved off. A tie in the race for the puck goes to the defender, in which case icing is called.-USCHO

Other Rules that could change are: Goalies would switch ends after regulation if the game were to go to overtime, Teams would get a power play even if they score on a delayed penalty.

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