Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making TheRight Call

Yes this is about the bright side of refs and there calls (for some teams). But this one is not. By now you all should have seen the missed call at first base of the Tigers and Indians game that prevented Tigers pitcher, Armando Galarraga from pitching a perfect game. Galarraga, clearly stepped on the bag before the runner and umpire Jim Joyce called the runner safe and thus prolonging the game one more out. The Tigers made the next play and Armando Galarraga finished the game with a one hitter.

Hears the video of the play. You make the call. Did Armando Galarraga  beat the runner to the bag. video link

Here are the right calls
Date: March 21, 2009
BU vs Lowell
BU is up one nothing in the Hockey East Championship game. It was the middle of the second period when Lowell's Ben Holmstrom looked as if he had tied the game. The puck crossed the like and it looked as if it was a good goal.  But referee Tim Benedetto gave the old wipe off waving of the arms, signaling that it was no goal. After video review it was determined that the net was lifted off it morings and according to NCAA rules the net is out of playing position and therefor the play should be blown dead.

Again you take a look:

Next up, the Flayers Blackhawks game from the other night. Scott Hartnell, tipped a shot from the point that just snuck through the lags of Blackhawks goalie Antti Niemi. From the video below it really dose not look as if the puck fully crosses the goal line. IT DOSE! Only because the puck was on edge and for a shot to be a goal, 100% of the puck must cross the line. If the puck were to have bean sitting flat then some of the puck would have bean on the goal line. Then there would not have bean a goal credited to the Flyers.

Scott Harnell goal

Last one. Vermont vs Airfoce. East regional, Bridgeport CT. March 28 2009. Vermont defencing, Dan Lawson rips a slapper the looks from the regular camera angle as if the shot went over the net. After a six minute long video review it was determined that Lawson's shot did not go over the net, but instead went through the net. After the shot was taken the teams played five more minutes of hockey in the second overtime and a trip to the Frozen Four on the line. It was deemed a goal and Vermont when on to the Frozen Four, where they lost 5-4 to BU.

Lawson's goal. Link

The lengthy review brings me to my next point and the question "of what if?" What if Air Force of the Blackhawks had scored? Well if that where to have happened then the goal would have bean nullified and they would have played it as if there was no review at all. The refs would have reset the time to when the puck went in and play would have went on. In the case of if Airfoce had scored, well that would have really sucked to have thought you were going to the Frozen Fourand then to not all in a matter of seconds. Luckily none of the teams scored and everything worked out.

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