Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cissé, Now or Later?

Terrier recruit Yasin Cisse was first recruited to come to BU for the upcoming season. Then in late December Cisse was cut with a skate that severed a tendon in his ankle. After that he was moved to the 2011 recruit class. Now there is a report from the Boston Hockey Blog that he might rejoin the 2010 class.

Cisse was on a tear at the start of the season for the Des Moines Bucs. Scoring 13 goals in only 18 games. He also had 6 assists. 

He possess the size of an NHL power forward at 6′3″, 208lbs, and still growing into his frame.  Cisse also displayed top end speed and first step acceleration.  He was a diligent backchecker, very often the first forward back, and a disruptive forechecker by using his speed to outrace the Youngstown skaters.  As fast as he was, there is still room for Cisse to improve his skating.  He skated with a narrow base and at times lost his balance.  With some fine tuning and widening his base, he should be able to lengthen his stride and also handle the tight turns better.- The Scouting

Before his injury, Cisse was ranked 107 for players eligible for the upcoming draft.

The Boston Hockey Blog's report
A source close to the team said Yasin Cisse, a forward whose arrival had been pushed back to the fall of 2011 because of an ankle injury, will come this season if he’s healthy enough. The team has yet to make a final decision on Cisse.

According to the home page of the Terriers on, BU will take part in the Icebreaker Invitational in October, down in St Louis. On the side bar to the right I had put up that they would be in the tournament about a month ago. That was only projected and now it is official 

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