Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yasin Cisse will now rejoin the 2010 recruit class. This comes after a good recovery of a severed ankle tendon, which happened when a skate blade cut the tendon in the middle of December.

He possess the size of an NHL power forward at 6′3″, 208lbs, and still growing into his frame.  Cisse also displayed top end speed and first step acceleration.  He was a diligent backchecker, very often the first forward back, and a disruptive forechecker by using his speed to outrace the Youngstown skaters.  As fast as he was, there is still room for Cisse to improve his skating.  He skated with a narrow base and at times lost his balance.  With some fine tuning and widening his base, he should be able to lengthen his stride and also handle the tight turns better.- The Scouting

Parker not happy with rule proposals
Last week a list of proposed rule changes was released by the NCAA rules committee. Head coach Jack Parker and the rest of the NCAA really hates one of the change's: Icing will be called while short handed. 
“Our league voted 10-0 against it,” Parker said. “Every league voted zero for it at the coaches convention, right in front of the rules committee. And yet the rules committee voted it in.- Daily Free Press

A great article from USCHO about the rule proposals. 

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