Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More on the Trivino Situation

Since I don't really want to get into the legalities of this issue, here is a link to the Boston Hockey Blog, which fully explains what Corey was charged with: link

With that being said, here is my reaction to it all. Corey had a drinking problem and this was not the first time he has been suspended. Prior to the start of last season, Trivino and Alex Chiasson were both suspended for skipping a mandatory team bike ride, the punishment for the Beer Bash before the 2010 Hockey East semi finals against Maine.

Trivino and Chiasson were suspended for the Icebreaker Invitational in St. Louis, but both still made the trip.

Corey is now the fourth player in three seasons to be booted from the program. Both Vinny and Victor Saponari were dismissed following the Beer Bash of 2010. Last year, Andrew Glass was shown the gate after missing a team practice following a tough loss to RPI. Now Trivino is gone and along with him, the team's leading scorer.

Reaction throughout the day has been much the same: BU is screwed and the season is over. I think the Fake Jack Parker from Twitter put it best by simply say (and I quote)"Uh Oh". In a more serious note, the real Jack Parker had this to say about it all:"This will be a big hole to fill and there's also an emotional hole to fill."

I agree with Parker that it will be a big hole to fill, but it might not be as big as some may think. Yes, Trivino is the leading goal scorer in Hockey East. I get that. But coming into last weekend Matt Nieto was the team's leading scorer. Nieto did not play in either of the team's two games, while Corey racked up three goals including the game winner against New Hampshire. 

The point I'm trying to make here is that the team can play without one of it's best players. Yes, it will be very tough to overcome the fact that Trivino is not on the team any longer because of an alleged sex crime and not just a shoulder injury like in Nieto's case. Also, BU has time to regroup over the Holiday Break and try and overcome all of this. 

Since the incident, The Islanders second round pick has been kicked out of to his dorm. Parker also openly said that Corey had a drinking problem and that this was the last draw in a long line of drinking related incidents over Trivino's career and time as a Boston University student. Thats what led to his decision to boot the Senior forward. 

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  1. He's a 2nd round pick and hasn't been kicked out of school. In fact, he can still attend classes, though there aren't any left since it's finals.