Friday, December 16, 2011

REPORT: Coyle Gone, Will Sign With St. John

This is the first picture I ever took of
Charlie Coyle in a BU uniform. That
night, Charlie netted a hat trick
against the University of Toronto
in an exhibition game, the first
game of the 2011 season.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
Yesterday, there was a huge rumor swirling around that Charlie Coyle would leave BU in favor of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Today, according to multiple sources, Coyle will leave BU and join the St. John Sea Dogs of the QMJHL. Last season, St. John won the Memorial cup, the Canadian Hockey League's championship. The Q (as the QMJHL is most commonly referred to as) is one of three divisions (the OHL and WHL being the other two) that make up the CHL. 
The Boston Hockey Blog reports that Coyle has left School: From The Boston Hockey Blog:  "Yes, I have made my decision to leave BU becasue I'm done with being a student-athlete and I want to focus on just hockey," Coyle said via text. "I was not failing out.
College Hockey News report

My Thoughts
Well what else is there really to say? BU has lost arguably their two best scorers in one week. Charlie, though not putting up the number of goals we all though he would, has still been a major factor in the team's success this year. There is a reason that he is on a plane to Edmonton today, and it's not to sign with the Sea Dogs. It's to represent his country in the WJC.

It's Coyle's play away from the puck and what he does when he does not have possession of the black rubber disk, that make him and the guys around him so good. BU is royally screwed now. I thought they could get by when Trivino was dismissed, but without Coyle this season could be completely lost.

Coyle was the 28th pick in the 2010 NHL by the San Jose Sharks. Coyle was then traded to the Minnesota Wild over this past summer. In 16 games played, Charlie has 3 goals, 11 assists that make 14 points, good for 3rd on BU. 

The thing that baffles me the most is that Coyle is a "BU Boy". His uncle, Tony Amonte, is a BU legend. Charlie dreamed of playing at BU his whole life and now it really seams he just pissed that away. Good Luck Charlie, the Wild will someday need you.

With both the Trivino and Coyle incidence occurring in the same week, it has really been a tough week to be a BU Hockey fan. He is something that hopefully cheers everyone up, at least for a little while I hope:

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  1. Fuck coyle. Who quits on their team mid season?