Monday, December 19, 2011

My, How Things Have Changed

Yasin Cisse has played 10 games
this year. He has just one goal, his
lone point on the season. Don't let
the numbers fool you, this kid can
really play, and will be vital for BU
down the stretch.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
One week ago, BU throttled Maine at the Alfond and nothing could have been better in Terrier Nation. A week later, BU is without their two best offensive weapons. Clearly by now everyone should know that Corey Trivino and Charlie Coyle are no longer on the Boston University Hockey Team and that means there is a huge gap to fill.

Does anyone remember the 2006 season?

You might ask, why is he going back to 2006?  That season happened 6 years ago. Well, there is a potential huge comparison to that magical year and this season's Terriers. Prior to the '06 season, Captain David Van Der Gulik was sidelined for the entire first half of the year. BU was 6-7-2 at the break. Vandy came back and the team lost just three more games all year, en route to the Hockey East Championship in which Van Dur Gulik was named tournament MVP. BU lost the NorthEast Regional Final to Boston College 5-0 and that is where the season ended. Van der Gulik closed out the season with 11 goals and 11 assists in just 25 games. Now your probably thinking, where is he going with this?

Well, this year BU has a guy named Yasin Cisse. Since coming back from a severed tendon, BU has lost just three games. If BU can salvage this season, they're going to need a lot of guys to step up and play really well. Cisse, I think has the capability to explode in the second half and make up for a lot of what BU lost in Trivino. Cisse could be this year David Van der Gulik and really cary this team.

Now who makes up for Coyle is an entire different story. Sahir Gill and Alex Chiasson, along with Cisse could more than likely be the new first line. The second line could be Matt Netio, Chris Connolly and Freshman center Cason Hohmann. Third line may shake out to be Wade Megan and Evan Rodrigues, centered by Ben Rosen. What's left over is Ross Gaudet in between Justin Courtnall and either Kevin Gilroy or Ryan Santana, who is expected to rejoin the team after missing the first half of the year with a shoulder injury.

This was BU's line up against New Hampshire in last Thursday night's game:


The lines I just drew up could look a whole hell of a lot different, as Parker may want to put more experienced players on the top two line, which may look something like this:



  1. Cisse has been wasted on the 4th line, but maybe the coaches don't see it that way. By the way, he never had a knee injury. He re tore a tendon that had previously been surgically repaired.

  2. I fixed that.. thanks for the heads up

  3. gill ? come on. Is he considered a good forward ?

  4. Yes, Gill is a very skilled forward, plays a lot like Bill Arnold to give a comparison

  5. he can hit i know that. I did think he should have been on the third of not second line. Going to be interesting to see how you guys match vs a struggling ND team.