Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nicastro Charged With Two Counts of Rape

Max Nicastro inside the court room where
he was charged with two counts of rape.
Photo by Mark Garfinkel/Boston Herald
Earlier today, BU defenseman Max Nicastro was arraigned at Brighton District Court. There, he was charged with two counts of rape. He was brought into the court room in handcuffs, and according to the Boston Hockey Blog, Nicastro was released on $10,000 bail and can not have any contact with the victim.

The victim has had medical testing done at a local hospital and was released. The police have impounded the police reports due to the "sensitivity of the case". 

Nicastro is due back in court on March 26th and according to the Boston Hockey Blog, “Suffolk County DA Press Secretary Jake Wark confirmed that Nicastro retained an automatic plea of not guilty 

to all charges.” Nicastro is not expected to plea until the 26th at his next court hearing.

According the Boston Herald, Nicastro has been moved into a different dorm, so that he could not be in the same building as the vicim.


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