Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whats Happened To The Beanpot?

Last night, BU and BC both advanced to the Championship Game in the 60th annual Beanpot. No shocker, really. What was surprising though, was the how many people (or lack there of) who attended the games.

Now I know that it says it was a sellout, but if anyone went to the first game, they will all say that there were far more empty yellow seats than actual people in them. Generally, in the third period of the first game, the place starts to fill up, but not last night. No, for some reason there seemed to be a whole lot less people at the Garden last night than in years past.

It may just be that BU played Harvard in the early game. Harvard has no student fan support so there's half the battle, but even in the third period when both Northeastern's and Boston College's students usually start to fill up the upper deck, it still seemed pretty empty.

The BU support was top notch as it usually is in the Beanpot. BU had a good chunk of the upper deck covered in Scarlet and White.

It seems to me, that at least the first round of the Beanpot has kind of lost it's luster. Next Monday should (hopefully!) be a different story, as BU and BC face off for the tournament championship.

My Top Five Beanpot Memories 

5. Brian McGurik roofs a shot off the face-off to beat BC goal Corey Schneider at 5:06 of overtime in to 2007 Beanpot.

4. BU tops BC 3-2 in the 2006 Final, as Peter MacArthur hit in the game wining goal on the power play.

3. Chris Bourque scores in overtime to beat Northeastern in the Championship game in the 2005 Beanpot. (skip to 7:40)

2. Chris Higgins scores an all-time highlight reel goal in the first round of the '06 Pot vs Harvard. BU went on to win 5-3. This was the first Beanpot game I ever attended. (skip to 1:23)

1. BU tops Northeastern 5-2 in the 2009 Beanpot final. The Terriers scored three shorthanded goals in this game. (just watch the whole clip)

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