Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: Bad ----> Worse

Last night, BU's forgettable second semester of hockey took a swift dive to new depths, as they dropped their third straight game to struggling a Harvard club. Harvard has won two games since November 16th, both have come against BU. The even more depressing out come is that BU has now finished last in the Beanpot two out of the last three years. Before 2011, BU had not finished 4th since 1980 and that was only because their three best player were beating commies in the Olympics.

This was taken 5 minutes before the
consolation game started. The place
was a morgue, but still not an excuse
to why the team play so poorly.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
Last night's loss was maybe saddest hockey game I have ever attended. Coach Parker said it best, "The lack of enthusiasm in the building drans your ability to get up for a game." well maybe so, but I think it was harder to watch as a fan. There were (like there always is for the conso game) about 15 people in the stands for the first game, me being one of them. The excuse of there being no energy in the rink making it tough to play is a joke. Yes, its hard to "get up" for the consolation game of any tournament, but after the first five minutes of feeling bad for yourself goes away, don't ya think you should focus and play the game at hand?

The lack of focus and the poor defensive play, as pointed out by Ryan Ruikka in the post game comments is the biggest problem with the team right now. Its not the goalies fault either.

Looking at BU's last three game, other than last night, BU's goaltending was very strong. Yes, Sean Maguire gave up 5 goals at UMass, but none of those were his fault. Matt O'Connor was the only reason BU was "in" the first round Beanpot game vs NU. Last night, again Maguire was hung out to dry by the D several times, leading to goals.

Mike Moran scored his first collegiate
goal last night. It was BU's first goal
the game.
(Photo by Matt Dresens)
The one bright spot of last night for the Terriers was the power play. Finally it looked as if there was some actually structure and set up to the man advantage. Evan Rodrigues was moved to the point along side Ahit Oksanen on the group two unit. Rodrigues scored scored from the point on a long range shot. At first I was scratching my head as to why he was on the point, but I guess nothing else was/is working any better.

BU is now in a three way tie for 13th in the PairWise with Notre Dame and Alaska. In Hockey East, BU is in danger of not playing at home in the Hockey East Quarterfinals for the first time since 2004. Currently they are tied with Providence for fourth place. Remember, the top four get home ice. BU

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