Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The NCAA Tournament As It Would Look Right Now

Playoffs? Already? No, but the Pair Wise rankings have come out and have been out for a couple of weeks now. The PWR determines the field of 16 for the NCAA tournament. You will not find it on USCHO (they're still figuring out how to use their new format to their website), but the PWR is up on The College Hockey News and Sioux Sports.com.

BU sits in fourth right now, making them the final number one seed.

The winner of each Conference tournament is an automatic qualifier regardless of their Pair Wise Rank. 

Here's how my playoff bracket looks going into December:

Regional site: Bridgeport Connecticut, East Regional 
1. Yale vs. 16. Canisuis/Robert Morris (Atlantic Hockey Conference leaders)
8. Michigan vs. 9. Denver

Regional site: St Louis Missouri, West Regional 
2. Nebraska Omaha vs. 15. Maine
7. North Dakota vs. 10. Minnesota

Regional site:Green Bay Wisconsin, Mid-West Regional 
3. Minnesota Duluth vs. 14. Rensselaer
5. Notre Damevs. 11. Union

Regional site: Manchester New Hampshire, North-East Regional. 
4. Boston University vs. 13. Dartmouth/Boston College
6. New Hampshire* vs. 12. Miami

*Site host automatically seeded at their host site. In a normal Bracket the 5th seed would play the 12th seed and the 6th seed would play the 11seed.

The Frozen Four is in St. Paul Minnesota on March 7th and 9th.

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  1. BU v BC 2 times this weekend could really mix up those predictions. Hopefully sending BU to the top! If you cant get to the games, catch them on the CBS College Sports Network

    CBS College Sports – Friday Nights were built for hockey